racoons and ratties don’t mix

Half asleep, I opened the back door to let Cooper out for his morning business. When he took off at a dead run I knew there was a problem, which turned out to be two racoons, leaving our cherry tree after a night of indulging. To be fair, they tried to run away. But it’s not in a terrier’s nature to let anything go! After screaming things unprintable at my husband to the effect that %*#((^% racoons were killing our dog, I went flying out the door wondering what I was going to grab to beat them off with. But Cooper was already flying back towards the house and proceeded to faint just like those goats do. He just keeled over and then started shaking like a seizure. I threw on some clothes, ready to drive him to the emergency clinic, but by the time I got dressed he was walking around fairly normally. So we decided we could take him to our local vet, Fidalgo Animal Medical Center. We were waiting by the door when they opened, and Dr. Beth and the gang took great care of our Cooper! He had six punctures, and his abdomen has several nasty scratches on it. He got shaved, scrubbed and all cleaned up, and has antibiotics and pain pills to take. He was pretty subdued for the rest of the day, but eating normally. Dr. Beth said he needs to take it easy, which also isn’t in his nature. From now on, I will get my coffee, put a leash on that rattie, and stroll around the backyard with him . . . no more adventures!!